Videos of Processes (Available soon!)

CNC Turning Machine

Our CNC Turning Machines are versatile- capable of holding close tolerances and economical for a wide range of run quantites. They can produce a large variety of parts from many types of materials in various shapes and sizes:

CNC Turning Center

CNC Vertical Mill or Machining Center

Our CNC Vertical Machining Centers can move rotating tools in up to 5 axes simultaneously and thus can produce complex part geometries:

CNC Maching Center Parts

CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Our CNC Horizontal Machining Centers are all served by AGVs- Automated Guided Vehicles and thus all of the loading time is overlapped while the machine is producing parts:

CNC Maching Center Parts

CNC Waterjet Machine

Our CNC Water-Jet Machines cut with extremely high pressure through many different types of material accurately and rapidly:

CNC Waterjet Machine

CNC Swiss Machine

Our CNC Swiss Screw Machines are ideal for making small complex close tolerance parts:

CNC Swiss Screwmachine

Single Spindle Screw Machine

Our Single Spindle Screw Machines are versatile and productive machines. Many tools can overlap and produce parts quickly:

Single Spindle Screwmachine

Multiple Spindle Screw Machine

Our Multiple Spindle Screw Machines are extremely productive machines with an incredible number of operations occurring simultaneously:

Single Spindle Screwmachine