Machine Niche

All Machines have a niche that enables the process to be competitive. Some machines can produce a myriad of different shapes, sizes and types of material, while others are much more limited in their capabilities. Some machines can be set up quickly, while others take much longer and are not suited for prototype or short run orders.

The two most common machines for metal removal are the lathe and the machining center (mill with interchangeable tooling). Lathes generally produce cylindrical parts. The material rotates while the tools are held rigidly and fed into the rotating material. Machining centers usually produce block parts or plates. The material is held stationary, while the tool rotates and is fed into it.

Although some machines can produce practically any configuration of part, it might not be the most economical method based on the manufacturing quantity. Our goal is to quote and run the parts using the best technology for the part and the quantity. We have the expertise and the equipment to be competitive while matching your needs.