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Precision CNC Machined Products

Rollin J. Lobaugh, Inc has a unique diverse range of machining capabilities that solve our customer's machining and assembly challenges. Our very capable employees have access to a wide variety of equipment, ranging from State of the Art CNC Turning Machines, CNC Machining Centers, CNC Water-Jet Machines and CNC Swiss Screw Machines, to single and multiple spindle screw machines. We have experience and work with a wide range of materials. Our staff engineers offer support in design for manufacturability to determine the most cost-effective process for each part. These capabilities along with grinding, EDMing, thread rolling, gun drilling and assembly allow us to competitively manufacture products from a few pieces to large quantity production runs.


CNC Turning / Lathes

Our CNC Turning Machines have up to 2 turrets and up to 2 spindles. This coupled with driven or live tools and C-axis on the main or sub spindle allows us to complete parts in one operation. Typically we start from bar stock that is 12 feet in length and may be round, square, hex, octagonal, rectangular or extruded in shape the entire length. We can use chucks for castings or larger parts that are sawed to length. Often these parts have a round feature, either on the I.D. or O.D. since the material rotates at a high rate of speed while the tools remove material as they move.


CNC Milling / Machining Centers

We have numerous Vertical and Horizontal CNC Machining Centers ranging from 3 axis to 5 axis capabilities with up to 208 tools available per machine. Our Horizontal Machining Centers are served by AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) with pallets that are loaded at one of four loading stations. These machines are ideal for block style parts or plates as well as castings and extrusions. Essentially the tools rotate at a high rate of speed and remove material as they move across the surface to generate the desired shape.


CNC Swiss Screw Machines

The CNC Swiss Screw Machines we use have up to 10-axis capability with up to 2 spindles and multiple rows of gang driven or live tools. These machines are ideally suited to very small intricate parts or long parts with multiple diameters. The sliding headstock of these machines allow the material to be cut right at the supporting guide bushing as it is pushed through, far beyond the capability of conventional machines.


Screw Machines

Screw Machines are turning machines or lathes designed for productivity. This is acheived through overlapping the time it takes to remove material along with very quick tool changing and material feed out. Our single spindle machines can overlap up to 3 tools and our multiple spindle screw machines can have up to 3 tools cutting at each of its 5 or 6 spindles, where the time to make a part is simply the time it takes at the longest station along with the time to rotate the material.